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As a designer, it was very normal for him to speak his mind confidently and raise his understanding and design standards while debating with other designers.

However, Pei Qian could tell that Hu Xianbin was not convinced. He immediately patted Hu Xianbin’s shoulder without leaving a trace, forcing him to swallow his words.

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Pei Qian did not want Hu Xianbin and He An to have a showdown. That would be meaningless.

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He An had just said that the game would definitely incur losses. Pei Qian could not be happier.

He smiled and said, “Teacher He, you’re right! I completely agree!”

“Alright, we’re done watching the game. Let’s go back to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and have some coffee. My treat.”

Hu Xianbin’s tightly knitted brows relaxed, and he instantly felt relieved seeing Boss Pei’s attitude.

I was the one getting worked up while Boss Pei was still confident and tolerant!

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As a relatively young designer, it was indeed very easy to fly into a rage with others. One had to be extremely confident and defend their own views as a designer after all.

There would inevitably be a debate when both designers thought that they were right.

However, Boss Pei had obviously reached another level. He did not argue with others not because he was not confident in himself, but because he was too confident in himself. That was why he smiled and did not bother arguing with others.

He An was a veteran after all. It was normal for him to not be able to keep up with the latest game design trends and not be able to see the allure of Mission and Choice. Boss Pei did not explain much but followed the old man’s thoughts. That was right.

Thus, Hu Xianbin smiled and said, “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll continue working.”

Pei Qian smiled as he led He An out of Tengda Games. He was prepared to return to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe again.

He An followed behind Pei Qian but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.

“Boss Pei, you say that you completely agree with me, but you have no intention of changing it at all.”

“Are you just agreeing with me on the surface to fool the elderly?”