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After the character boarded the balance car, his hands automatically grabbed the two joysticks on the balance car. The layout of this joystick was very similar to the controller that the player was holding.

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Thus, when the groundhog introduced the function of the buttons on the joystick, it was equivalent to introducing the usage of the controller.

During the introduction, the corresponding buttons on the balanced car would also light up, so that players could better confirm which button the groundhog was introducing.

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“Alright, try opening it now. Come to the service area on the island with me!”

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After the groundhog finished its introduction, it burrowed back into the ground and quickly dug a hole to lead the way. Qiao Liang controlled the balance car to follow behind.

He arrived at the entrance of the steam technology service area on the island. The groundhog was waiting outside, teaching the player how to keep the steam balance car and enter the service area to settle the procedures.

According to the settings in the game, steam technology had customized an island development plan for the small animals. The small animals only had to spend some money to become the owners of an island. They could cooperate with steam technology to develop the island and turn it into what they wanted.

The service area was where steam technology companies could communicate with the contractors of the island and provide services.

He came to the counter and automatically locked onto it with his mobility function. He could only look around. He entered the formal registration process under the guidance of the steam technology service staff.

During this process, he had to determine the characters’ names, island names, choose the development direction of the island, and also preliminary customize the appearance of the characters.

Every island was generated according to a certain rule. The starting islands of every player were completely different.

However, the needs of every player would be different after all. Thus, players were allowed to choose the development direction of the island.

For example, if gamers liked to fish, they could transform the island into an island with more water and rich fish resources. If gamers liked to hunt, they could transform the island into an island with lush forest and more animals. If gamers liked to farm, they could transform the island into a land with more variety of plants.

Of course, players could also choose balanced islands to use in fishing, hunting, farming, and so on.

After choosing this requirement, steam technology would develop and modify the island in the corresponding direction.

However, this transformation would not be completed in a short time. There would not be any changes to the island when it was first selected. Instead, it would continue to change for a period of time.

Of course, if he changed his mind in the future, he could still come to the service office to modify it. However, he could not modify it too frequently.

Apart from this long-term modification plan, there was also a short-term modification plan: the moving service delivered by steam technology.