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Lacking one of those skills would change completely change the impression you made on others.

He was just a student who ran really fast but had a weak presence. That’s the impression that many people had of Ayanokouji-kun.

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If he also had good social skills, Ayanokouji-kun would be in a relatively higher position in the class.

Although it depended on his personality, he could’ve been, along with Hirata-san, one of the twin jewels of the class.

But this was nothing more than a hypothetical situation, or rather, complete nonsense.

It was like saying that if Sudo-kun is smart, or easy to get along with, or if Yukimura-kun had high athletic ability, those were things that could only happen in another dimension.

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The highest priority for our class was “scholastic ability”, followed by “physical ability.”

It was very likely that Ayanokouji-kun met both of these requirements.

Moreover, Ayanokouji-kun’s abilities in those two categories might have even surpassed Hirata-kun’s, a buried treasure waiting to be dug out.

Of course, this thought was based a little on what I wanted him to be.

If he really was like that, then he would become a significant force which would be able to improve the class.

In reality, even if he was on the same level as me, I wouldn’t complain.

The reason I became attentive of Ayanokouji-kun was because of his influence over the end of year exam.

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There was a question I wasn’t able to solve during the mental arithmetic event, but Ayanokouji-kun answered it correctly.

This was one of the decisive hits which I’ve received that gave me confidence in this.