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Mom stared at my short legs as she sighed. …Well, my mother didn’t know that Tendou-san and I are dating. Although it’s not like I’m trying to hide it, you can tell from her appearance that she’s a usual housewife. …So, I don’t really want to tell her everything, …unless Tendou-san’s visiting my home.

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Kousei’s aware of this part too, so he didn’t bring this up as he talked.

“So, that Tendou-senpai is at the book store too?”

“Yeah, I think she’s with her handsome boyfriend too.”

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Kousei and I reacted shockingly at the same time. Mom slightly tilted her head out of confusion for a second. However, I think she wanted to talk more, so she waved and continued.

“I feel like there’s an unusual atmosphere between them. Ay, I thought, why would they call me at the start, so I can’t help but peek at their situation.”


Perhaps…that isn’t mom’s imagination. If she met Tendou-san, I guess it’s not weird to bring up the word “Amano” in the conversation.

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But, more importantly, who’s the handsome guy next to Tendou-san…

I tried to seamlessly spy on my mother.

“Uh, …what does that handsome boyfriend look like?”

“Huh? Why are you asking that?”