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After that, Pei Qian would have difficulty shaking them off.

Pei Qian had made up his mind. Once Boss Li and the others arrived, he would bring them around the deserted and old industrial zones so they could see just how desolate this area was!

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It would be best if they changed their minds on the spot.

Otherwise, Pei Qian would have to come up with something else.

Less than half an hour later, several high-end commercial cars stopped at the entrance of the old industrial zone.

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Pei Qian immediately went to warmly welcome Boss Li and the other investors.

“Boss Pei! I’m sorry to make you wait. We weren’t familiar with the surroundings, and so it took us a bit longer to get here. I’m really sorry about that.”

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Li Shi alighted from his car and expressed his sincere apologies to Pei Qian first.

The other investors alighted one by one and greeted Boss Pei as well. Some drove here on their own while others were chauffeured here. However, all the chauffeurs remained in their cars and did not follow the group.

Obviously, Boss Li had not been giving excuses. He had been stating facts. Of course, everyone would be unfamiliar with the surroundings here!

Two investors frowned the moment they alighted from their cars. This was more deserted than they had expected.

Everyone had heard about Jingzhou’s old industrial zones, but none of them had actually visited this place. Since there had not been any business to be done here, there had simply been no point.

Now that they were here, they were extremely disappointed. The situation was much worse than they had imagined!

Li Shi had indeed said that Boss Pei was building a haunted house in a deserted and desolate industrial zone. At the time, they had thought that Boss Li was exaggerating. Now, they knew that he was not!

Saying that this place was deserted and desolate was an understatement! All in all, everyone was crestfallen. What’s more, it showed on their faces.

Pei Qian noticed this and celebrated inwardly.

That’s great! That’s the expression I was hoping for! I already told you that this is a deserted place, and it won’t succeed, but none of you believed me! Do you believe me now?