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“Jingzhou City has a private kitchen of such good quality, and yet our promoters did not manage to find it. How did you find it?” The map on the reviewing application displayed this location as an empty plot of land. There was not supposed to be anything here.

Xue Zhebin smiled, elated. “Why do you care how I found it? You lost the bet; this meal is your treat!”

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The young man seated opposite him was called Wang Peng. He was one of the creators of Quanmin Reviews.

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As one of the winners of the close competition among various websites, Quanmin Reviews had been expanding quickly from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities. Jingzhou City was one of the key cities in this expansion.

In order to speed up the expansion of their market and rope in more businesses, Wang Peng suggested introducing promoters in every city. These promoters’ jobs would be to find shops that haven’t been discovered yet and persuade them to partner with Quanmin Reviews.

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Promoters have achieved good results indeed. Quanmin Reviews was expanding quickly in Jingzhou. At the moment, most businesses were already partners of Quanmin Reviews.

This was especially so for high-end restaurants with outstanding dishes. After successfully negotiating with owners of these restaurants, promoters would be paid a significant commission. Thus, Quanmin Reviews’ promoters worked hard to find restaurants like?that.

Even if businesses were not willing to partner with Quanmin Reviews, Quanmin Reviews would at least mark these businesses out on their website. The map should not show an empty plot of land like it was doing now.

For this reason, Wang Peng did not believe Xue Zhebin. He even felt quite indignant.

He did not think that a high-end restaurant like that, which was outstanding in almost every way, would remain undiscovered by Quanmin Reviews’ promoters in Jingzhou.

The waiters smiled as they remained by the side, waiting to be of help.

Wang Peng asked, “How long has your restaurant been open?”