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“I understand now!

Jiang Yuan went through the PowerPoint’s adjusted sequence twice. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he understood what Boss Pei meant!

“Talk about the shortcomings of these new technologies first, in detail and repeatedly. What would the result be? It would make the audience think that the research and development of this cell phone is very difficult. These new technologies are not very practical, and the cost is very high. Most likely, it would only have technology, no products, or only a concept machine that cannot be mass-produced.”

“However, in fact, these technologies can already be mass-produced. The other cell phone manufacturers are also trying to use them. Nonetheless, they are not as bold as us. They only tried to use a small portion of the technology, but we directly piled it all up.”

“Therefore, I shouldn’t call this news conference a cell phone conference. Instead, I should call it a ‘New Technology Conference’!

“That way, the audience would not think that I’m here to sell cell phones, and they would not have any expectations. They would only think that these are very cutting-edge and immature technologies in the cell phone industry. Most of them would not have prototypes.”

“However, in the end, the price segment would appear on the screen, making them realize that so many difficult technologies could already be mass-produced and sold!”

“Thus, this surprise would completely dilute the impression that the cell phone’s various shortcomings left on people. As it is an exploratory concept cell phone, customers would be much more tolerant of it.”

“At the same time, because of this sense of surprise, customers would not think that this price is particularly expensive.”

“In other words, the effect would be completely different if the same product is introduced in different ways and angles!”

“This should be the effect that Boss Pei wants!”

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Jiang Yuan suddenly had an epiphany. Everything from before matched!

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He looked at his watch. It had been exactly two hours since Boss Pei arrived. The amount of time was just right.


“I’ll get someone to change the powerpoint after the holidays. Make the best use of my time to prepare for the news conference. We must not disappoint Boss Pei!”

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Ma Yang scratched his head. “A Fresh Air Ventilation System? What’s that?”

“Ask Qiandu.” Pei Qian did not have the time to explain these things to him. He switched the computer on and downloaded Ocean Stronghold.