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I came to my senses and immediately turned around.

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At the same time she rushed into the bathroom and closed the curtain violently.

(Claude-san is… a woman…?!)

I mistook her for a man because of her appearance and tone.

As I calmed down my beating heart with a deep breath, I heard her quivering voice from behind the curtain.

「Ki-Ki-Kisama…! Why are you in my room…!? Creeping at night into a woman’s bedroom!? I see, is that how you broke Ria-sama!?」

「N-No! That’s not true!」

That misunderstanding is really bad.

I hurriedly denied it immediately.

「Why were you in my room!? Depending on the reason, I’ll hand you over to the Holy Knight!」

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「Well, I’m going to go practice-swing, so I thought I’d call out to Claude-san! But no matter how many times I knocked, there was no answer, and when I turned the knob, it just opened.」

「-So you entered a woman’s room without permission?」