How to write calligraphy online

How to write calligraphy online

That line of thought isn't too shabby. To neuter the spying being done on the participation table, it's necessary to act in advance. Certainly, like Kushida had said, by submitting the participation table just before the deadline, it would be impossible to accomplish anything even if one obtains said information since the deadline has already passed.

However, doing so would cause confusion amongst our classmates who aren't in the know. It would also invite animosity from them since alterations had been made onesidedly despite everyone having already reached a consensus.

That is precisely why, taking that and the possibility of a leak into account, the optimal course of action would have been to come up with multiple participation table patterns for the class.

By doing so, no matter which one is submitted in the end, we'd still be able to compete regardless. If so, it would also act as a countermeasure for any leaks and it wouldn't invite any animosity from the class either, the opponents we'd face based on this participation table would also be random so there would be nothing they can do about it.

The leak would be completely neutered.

"I get the gist of it but I'm not the culprit you know? But I don't want to suspect my classmates either".

"Then shall we confirm it with Chabashira-sensei? Whether or not any students have gone out of their way to check the list after the participation table was submitted. If such a person exists then surely they'd be the culprit".

Especially if someone like Kushida, who had already confessed to taking pictures of it on her phone, happened to have gone out of her way to go see it then she'd be all the more suspicious for it.


Kushida closed her mouth and for the first time, her smile disappeared. In other words, it's an implicit answer that meant an affirmation. However, she smiled deeply again right away.

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"---fufu. You're really something else, Ayanokouji-kun".

Kushida laughs. It was a face I had seen before, a Kushida I didn't know.