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(Wow, there’s a huge number of people in the audience…)

The venue was a full house. There was not even a single empty seat.

As expected of the Sword King Festival.

Even though it’s still the qualifying rounds, there was a remarkable difference in public attention.

(It would be very difficult to find Ria in this crowd…)

Finding Ria from tens of thousands of spectators when I don’t even know where she is.

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Honestly, it’s not realistic.

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Still, I kept looking through the spectators as there was nothing for me to lose.

「Now then, from here on, we will start the『Vanguard battle』between Werewolf Academy and Thousand Blade Academy!」

The female commentator declared loudly.

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The next moment, the enthusiasm in the venue reached climax at once, and cheers burst forth as though the earth itself was rumbling.

「There we go! The atmosphere in the venue has fired up. Let’s introduce the contestants without delay!」

The commentator cleared her throat, and began to introduce the contestants enthusiastically.

「First of all, Vanguard of Werewolf Academy – Gallow Yundler! According to the information at hand, he is a super genius swordsman who manifested his soul dress at ten years old! In addition, he has fully mastered the『Blooming Flower Style』which is famed in the west! It seems that he was supposed to enrol into the Five Academy, but… due to a violent incident that occurred just before that, he unexpectedly entered the Werewolf Academy! In other words, in terms of simple ability, he can be said to be Five Academy class!」