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I had to clearly state that.

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If it’s a rumor that only I will suffer, I wouldn’t really care.

It is said that gossip last but 75 days, and it will be forgotten sooner or later.

However, it is necessary that I firmly deny the rumors that might cause trouble for my precious friends.

「There you go again!」

「Saying『I’m not going out with either one』even though you’ve been so close with them all this time.」

「Aa! We won’t let you escape that easily, Allen.」

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My voice did not reach these drunk magic swordsmen.

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(This is why I don’t deal with drunkards…)

I doubt I could reason with them anymore.

No matter how much I try, they were not in the mood to listen.

Therefore I,

「Anyway–don’t spread any strange rumors, alright?」

With a gentle smile, I reminded them.

「O-Ou, of course we know that…」

「H-Hehe, it’s just a joke… Big bro Allen…」

「D-Don’t get too serious… O-Ok?」