Discipline online online assembly

Discipline online online assembly

He then asked me directly.

“No. Katsuragi may indeed change sides. Won’t he?”

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As for whether the possibility of it happening was 50%!o(MISSING)r 1%!,(MISSING) this wasn’t the time to consider.

“I didn’t report it to Horikita because I forgot to. Back then, all my worries were about my position as the commander tower and having to bear the responsibility of being one. If you think of it like that, I hold responsibility too. If your plan had succeeded and won over Katsuragi, I would’ve taken some blame for not being able to communicate well with Horikita and the rest of the class. We’re in this together.”

After both sides admitted guilt, we could put this case to rest.

“Even so, I felt that I was too naive. If I had considered the risks, I wouldn’t have even tried to win Katsuragi over.”

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Even if we couldn’t erase the past, we could use it to reflect on our actions in the future.

“If it were about being too naive, I would be guilty too. Because I didn’t say anything at the time.”

“I feel better, hearing you say that.”

During that exam, many students were passively participating. However, Keisei tried to do everything he could to lead our class to victory.

“And don’t you understand what happened then? A strategy like that would’ve been difficult to pull off anyways.”

You could learn a lot from mistakes.