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If his goal is to force me to drop out of school, it would make sense that he would approach this more like a surprise attack.

Going about it like this can only mean he intends for me to take it as a threat.

That man… Is there anything outside of his reach?

Either way, he’s already begun to make his move.

(Chapter 3 End)

It was a Friday, four days after Kanzaki reached out to Hashimoto.

The rumors about Ichinose had been spreading more each day, and it had gotten to the point where it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that all of the students in the school had heard about them by now.

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However, Ichinose herself didn’t appear to have reported anything about them to the school.

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She gave off an appearance that told everyone that she didn’t care very much about the rumors, and she spent each day as she always had.

Despite being harassed with unpleasant rumors, Ichinose stood firm. And as she expected, eventually, students began to speak in support of her. Students were saying things like: “The rumors really were just rumors.” “She was totally being framed.” and “They were all lies.”

All gossip has an expiration date.

The plan to defame Ichinose had failed miserably.