How does the video send money online?

How does the video send money online?

“Think about it from a comprehensive perspective. Isn’t it worth it if we are to spend more money to buy a better quality of life so that we don’t have to worry so much?”

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The man’s father nodded after hearing that. “Yes... if it’s Tengda, it’s indeed trustworthy. Its take-out has even been on television before. It’s such a huge brand locally at Jingzhou there shouldn’t be too much of a quality problem.”

Under Little Zhang’s guidance, everyone walked around the entire model room.

The lady looked at the young man and his parents expectantly. “How is it?”

His parents smiled helplessly. “Alright, buy it since you two have your eyes on this place. After all, you’ll be the ones living in this house.”

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The young man nodded. “Yes, I’m quite satisfied with everything. I have no objections.”

The girl was elated. “Alright, it’s settled then!”

Little Zhang quickly said, “Alright, please move to the living room. I’ll tell you more details about our building. Please come this way.”

Little Zhang could not help but feel emotional after leaving the model room.

The effects of viewing the Sloth Apartments were immediate!

Sloth Apartments 2.0 was a simple promotional video. It was more effective than the many billboards bought in Huating District for the Golden Residence. Many young people who had just gotten married and were considering buying a house came to view it not long after it was released.

What’s more, this model room was indeed beautiful. Most of the young people took a look and immediately fell in love with it. There were also many people who decided on the spot.

They were both model rooms, the developer’s model room had been designed by top design companies in the country, but it had no such effect.

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He could only say that the designers of Sloth Apartments knew what young people were thinking!

Little Zhang had already reported this situation. The higher-ups seemed to take it very seriously. What’s more, the other property companies seemed to have heard the news and were discussing cooperation with Sloth Apartments.