How does 2018 make money online?

How does 2018 make money online?

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Keita Amano

I, Keita Amano, never took gaming seriously.

I neither have the tenacity to hone my skills, and I give up pretty early on when I’m playing challenging games.

However, don’t get me wrong. I never said I hate competition.

“He left again…”

I stared at the paused mobile game screen, then wiped the sweats on my forehead with a sigh of defeat.

Today is another sunny day in July, and the rain has poured until morning, which makes me feel hot and stuffy.

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Under the simple awning of the bus stop, I glanced forward at the road which looks twisted due to the sheer heat, the bus that should have arrived are nowhere to be found.

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To ease the heat, I grabbed the collar of my uniform and pulled it slightly outward.

I should have walked to school, well, it’s too late to regret anyway.

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Trying to kill time and to move away from the awful situation, I started playing this top-ranked puzzle type MMO. It’s quite entertaining, but it would often lose connection unexpectedly to the point where it’s intolerable.

“Well, the game is refreshing after all, I guess that’s the only reason it needs for it to get No.1 in the ranking.”

To be honest, the puzzle part of this game is excellent, sometimes you need to press the numbers in order, sometimes you need to do simple calculations, and sometimes you need to find errors. Its straightforward content makes you fall into it immediately, and there are some smart designs applied in combat, put all these together and it’s more than enough to make the players enjoy it over and over again

The part where you randomly connect with players around the world is quite entertaining too, and you will enjoy the experience whether you win or not, at least you won’t be baffled by the results. All in all, 9/10 would play again.

Why didn’t I give it a 10/10, you ask?

Well, the only problem with this game is that it never accounted for players quitting during a match.

I dazed in thoughts as I restarted the app.

“I guess I can understand the feeling of not wanting to lose. The game will records your results after all. “