What is the name of the software that can chat with money?

What is the name of the software that can chat with money?

“Yiqun, don’t stress yourself out too much.

“Tengda’s mantra has always been to be happy at work. If you have work to do, get busy. If you don’t, work on your interests and hobbies. If you have too much work to do, hire more people. How difficult is that?

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“Don’t try to devour too much at one go. Take it slow.”

Ma Yiqun nodded and replied, “Yes, Boss Pei! I understand!”

At first, he felt anxious and panicked. Boss Pei had given him such an important task, and yet he had made no progress. Instead, he was spending more money by the day. It felt like he just could not catch his breath.

However, seeing that Boss Pei had everything under control, Ma Yiqun immediately felt relieved. Indeed, following a good leader could make one feel secure!

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I was doing it unconsciously.

Breakthrough is a technique that clads overflowing magical power over the whole body.

The magical power that was fastened is inflated, and the 【Great Magic Spiral】 can be performed.

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So, what if you inflate it, and then concentrate on it?

Put all the magic into my head, put all the magic into my right fist, and switch it once.

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It is a dangerous act in the flow of combat.

Because concentrating the magical power on one point gives a big deal of damage if you attack the opponent’s defenseless areas.

However, Mr. Aka, who has forgotten his current self and was increasingly monotonous in attacking, was able to handle this.

With simple power, Mr. Aka is strong. However, because the form is also battered, the power is inevitably dispersed.

If I’m focused on a single point, my head-butt, and my fist, it’ll reach Mr. Aka.