How to make money on Evergrande online

How to make money on Evergrande online

“You’re fine?”

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“I’ve also had enough, and I‘ve been thinking I need to get this nasty little problem over with.”

“In other words…”

“I’m trying to figure out a way to get rid of that burden in my own way.”

So she means she approached me having come up with a solution?

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“I’ve been thinking a lot. If this precarious situation continues as it is, the number of people who know more than they should will only increase. Therefore…let’s start with this; Horikita-san, could you drop out of school?”

Naturally, the most rational method to lighten her emotional burden was for me to drop out of school. Of course, I couldn’t agree to that. Most importantly, it wasn’t like that would solve everything.

“I don’t see how that connects to our conversation. What about Ayanokouji-kun’s existence? What about Yagami-kun? Even if I drop out, there will still be people that know about you.”

I didn’t think that alone would take away the emotional burden.

“I’m well aware that Ayanokouji-kun is an unpredictable opponent. But did you know? Ayanokouji-kun is supporting me with private points.”

“Supporting you…?”

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It was a story I’d heard from Ayanokouji-kun from before. I’ll pretend I didn’t know what was going on here and ask her back.

“I think he called it a defence plan against expulsion. In other words, it’s proof that he knows that I’m an enemy, and at the same time, that he’s afraid of me. If I show him that I can eliminate you, Horikita-san, Ayanokouji-kun will have no choice but to keep quiet, right? And if he does do anything wrong, he’ll get expelled himself.”