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“I see…”

That was a lie Nagumo told.

At first glance, Horikita Manabu looks like the sort of person who’d obsess over status like that. However, the truth is the exact opposite of that.

He assesses the person whether they’re from Class D or Class A and he’s the sort of person who’d evaluate talent.

But to Ichinose, who had been rejected, Nagumo’s words sounded like truth.

“I wonder if I must get promoted to Class A in order to join the student council?”

“I don’t know about that. Even if you get promoted to Class A, President Horikita may or may not acknowledge you. In other words, Ichinose, you weren’t considered up to par from the very moment you enrolled here. No matter how much effort you put in now, President Horikita will never accept a student stuck with the label of Class B.”

At that cruel announcement, the remaining smile on Ichinose’s face vanished.

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“B-but you’re in Class B are you not, Nagumo-senpai? And you’re still vice president so that means-”

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Nagumo immediately extinguishes that fleeting hope of hers.

“In my case there were two reasons. One is that I joined the student council before President Horikita came to power. In other words, it was during the reign of the 3rd year student council president last year. But back then, Vice President Horikita alone objected to my student council appointment to the bitter end.”

Ichinose’s expression clouded up.

Seeing that, Nagumo felt joy in his heart.

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He decided then that he would definitely get Ichinose appointed to the student council.

And that he would love her as if she were his own personal property.