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2018 online latest earning project

“Not only did he inject his soul into the Gourmet Market and come up with such an interesting idea, but he’s also not greedy for credit. If we don’t mention these contributions, Boss Pei might not know.”

“Bao Xu might be indifferent to fame and fortune, but since he has sacrificed so much, everyone should know about it. We can’t possibly let him sacrifice silently without any returns, right?”

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Zhang Yahui quickly nodded. “You’re right! Let’s give Brother Bao credit when Boss Pei arrives later!”

Both of them quickly reached a consensus.

The three of them had their own responsibilities and it was difficult to distinguish who contributed the most. However, Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan were both in charge. They did not lack opportunities to show their faces in front of Boss Pei.

However, Bao Xu was different. He had come from the games department to help voluntarily. He was not the person-in-charge. Now, he was not taking the initiative to come and not perform in front of Boss Pei.

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Who would have known that Bao Xu had contributed so much to the snack market if Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan had not said anything?

Logically, he had to show Bao Xu his credit in front of Boss Pei!

Boss Pei arrived just as they finished discussing.

Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan immediately went up to him. “Boss Pei! How is it? Are you satisfied with our work?”

Pei Qian laughed.

Satisfied, very satisfied!

I’m so satisfied that I can’t wait to book a plane ticket for you to Siberia!

“Who thought of turning the snack market into a Cyberpunk style?”

The one thing that left the deepest impression on Pei Qian was the Cyberpunk style.

Before he came, he had many guesses about what the snack street looked like. However, no matter how beautiful and impressive it could be, it was still limited to the actual snack street.

Who knew that it would be made into Cyberpunk style? Who could withstand that!

Zhang Yahui and Liang Qingfan looked at each other and smiled knowingly.