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In other words, Treina’s prediction was that one way or another, Kron will have a child with the winner of the tournament.

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But, if that’s the case...

“Huh? Wait a minute. If the story so far is true... then if I...... win overall victory at the tournament... Kron and... d, do that, is it? Ah, that...”

『That would be Jamdi’el’s intention, would it not?』

“Wh, at...”

No, no, not at all, how is it OK to do something so absurd?

Kron and having kids? Does that mean marrying Kron?

But can I be a parent to a child?

I thought of such things when I talked with Shinobu.

I mean, I haven’t given Shinobu my answer yet, yet I would have a child before answering her.

No, Kron may be pretty cute, but... that nude body of hers that I saw in the bathroom. Involuntarily Canonicon... if I’m told that could be mine, certainly... but then Shinobu is also beautiful... well, they both lose to Sadiz in bust size and.... eh?!

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At that moment, I head-butted the sandy beach as hard as I could.

“Damn... why am I even thinking of Sadiz at this point~?”

No, I know why.

No matter the moment, Sadiz was my first love, my one-sided crush and the period of wild fantasies has been going on for a long time.

Love, marriage, child-making, and when it comes to such topics, she would eventually come up after all.