How does the online Taobao group make money?

How does the online Taobao group make money?

「…It’s over, Dodriel. The Holy Knights will soon come. Be quiet until then.」

The moment I turned my back.

「A, aha, ha… After all, Allen is… so kind… showing pity towards garbage like me… You see, I hate that naiveté about you to the point where I feel like vomiting!」

Dodriel’s whole body was enveloped in an eerie shadow.


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I flusteredly jumped back and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

「-Ku, Ahaha, Hahahahahahahahahaha!」

As he laughed with an ear-bleeding voice, the black shadows clung to his body almost like a tattoo.

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(His wounds are blocked.)

The black shadow connected the wounds and stopped the excessive bleeding.

「Ahaha… Right now, I could probably even tear up the『Thirteen Knights of the Oracle』!」

When he slashed the academy building as though trying out his new power, the outer wall blew out and the classroom inside was exposed.

(With just one swing?!)

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There is no doubt that the shadow also has the effect of enhancing physical ability.