Make a picture on the Internet

Make a picture on the Internet

Ai, it was destined that the speaker would be misunderstood!

April 20th, Wednesday...

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At Tengda Games...

Hu Xianbin was at his desk, sipping on his coffee and racking his brains for a plot for Struggle.

Struggle’s research and development were happening at the same time. For now, Ruan Guangjian’s Halo Workspace was still working on the concept art for the characters.

After Hu Xianbin approved them, they would be outsourced to an art resource team for careful modeling. After that, the actors would go to a motion-capturing workspace to have their motions captured.

At the same time, Hu Xianbin had to think of a storyline for the game as soon as possible.

It didn’t look like an excessively complicated task. After all, Boss Pei had already given him a clear outline of the story. However, when Hu Xianbin sat down to get it done, he realized that it was more difficult than he had imagined

It was true that he could draw materials from regular life events like going to school, taking examinations, being hired, getting married, having children, and the like. However, it was precisely because he was surrounded by such events that it was so difficult to choose the most appropriate content.

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There were billions of people in the world who were living completely different lives. The poor were miserable in various ways while the rich were prosperous in various ways. Which case study should Hu Xianbin choose to represent the poor and the rich?

Social strata were complicated. Some poor people were living in the sewers and in slum housing in the city. Some did not have clothes to wear or food to eat while others were in financial straits but could fill their stomachs.

There were many different kinds of poor people and rich people. Two people could both be referred to as ‘poor’, but one could find it extremely difficult to understand the other.