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I nearly broke into tears for a moment. However, I don’t want Aguri to see such an embarrassing side of me.

In the end, I lowered my head and adjusted my breath. Suddenly, Aguri handed me something.

“This is for you.”

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“Hmm? What’s this?”

I took it with my hands.

“…Labears keychain?”

“Yes, this is called Labears. …As I’ve said before, I actually wanted to give you this during the school trip.”


I see. This is…the present I haven’t got my hands on until now. It was robbed by Main-san, and then my friend protected it - the Labears.

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I stared at the teddy bears on my head. Aguri asked a bit worriedly.

“Hey, …can you take it this time?”

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To this question-

I sighed for a long while. …Then, I raised my head determinedly and held the Labears tightly with a smile.

“Yeah, of course! Thank you, Aguri! I’ll treasure this with my life!”

Aguri smiled in relief after hearing my answer.

“Glad to hear that! Ah, but doesn’t this feel weird?”

“Hmm? Why?”

“…I gave you something first, even though it’s White Day.”