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" something you're better off not expecting I think".

If I had to say, it's far more likely that she'll suffer damage.

"You may be marked as an enemy alongside me, you know".

"You mean, by the student council president?".

"He's the likeliest one".

"I mean, even if we make an enemy out of President Nagumo, if it's Kiyotaka you should be able to do something right?".

"As far as physical strength and academic quality is concerned, I'm sure I won't lose to him".

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"As expected. Pretty good".

Karuizawa says that with a naughty grin.

"However, when it comes to a battle where the rules of this school are applied, there are no absolutes. If he uses something like a suicide bombing strategy with the use of a sacrifice, he may be able to deal out the defeat of expulsion against us".

"Suicide bombing strategy?".

"Well, you can think of it as an extension of the incident where Sudou quarreled with Ishizaki and the others from Class C. If they had been in cahoots with the student council president who presided over as the judge, the outcome would have been massively different".

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And besides, if it had been elevated from a simple incident of violence, expulsion might have occurred.

"Umm, I don't really get it. That incident, I wasn't interested in it at all so".

".....I see. Then please don't mind it. In any case, regardless of its desirability to 'expel someone' in itself is a relatively simple task".