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My eyes are floating around as I told my family. Then, Kousei answered with an emotionless look.

“Didn’t the two die in the end? I don’t think I can take it from a family’s perspective.”


My little brother is still just as heartless to me. Does this guy not love his brother?

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Just as I’m complaining quietly, mom seems to be bored by the topic and went away as she clapped her hands.

“Alright, it’s time for dinner. I’m cooking Keita’s favorite burger steaks tonight.”

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“Ah, nice. …No!”

Mom went to cook dinner before I can even protest, …even though I’m really looking forward to burger steaks!

I was pissed as I looked at Kousei to try and look for comfort. So, …he mumbled while giving me the usual despising look.

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“Sigh, get a hold of yourself, …the dumb Romeo that’s going to suicide due to a misunderstanding.”

“Phrasing! A-Also, I’m not Romeo!”

“Oh, that you’ll never get a happy ending with Juliet.”

“Brother, you’re a typical guy, so you should learn to be one. Just find another normal girl and live happily ever after. That’s enough.”

Kousei said that as he looked at his phone. From the kitchen, I can hear mom’s humming excitedly as she started cooking. …N-None of you knows how I really felt…!