Does Mary Su Wen really make money?

Does Mary Su Wen really make money?

I hope that you little comrades from the advertising and marketing department can adapt as soon as possible.

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Yu Yao had already read the contents of the paper and looked up while Meng Chang was feeling smug.

“Brother Meng, can you teach me when you have the time?”

Meng Chang was stunned.

He carefully observed Yu Yao’s expression. This seemed to be... some kind of anticipation and urgency?

What was going on?

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“Teach you what?” Meng Chang was confused.

Yu Yao said excitedly, “Teach me how to create a publicity plan that is deeply ingrained with Boss Pei’s teachings!”

Meng Chang: “???”

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Yu Yao explained, “I felt a strong aura unique to Boss Pei! the moment I saw this picture!”

“It is such a simple plan on the surface, but there is a huge structure hidden behind it that is beyond traditional advertising methods.”

“I realized that all the publicity techniques and methods that I learned previously are all useless after coming to Tengda. Boss Pei’s publicity technique is the best publicity technique!”