What method is made fast online?

What method is made fast online?

No matter what the Great Demon King is to my father, no matter what happened in the past, it won’t change anything.

I cross the world with this guy.

『”To the End of the World!!”』

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A new life of the invisible “us” has begun.


Author’s Notes

Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your company so far.

I was finally able to write this far.

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At first, I didn’t think you’d get any comments or drills.

Many people were able to react to my stories, including pros and cons.

I am very grateful as a writer.

However, I did not think that the discussion would spread so much on one theme of ‘parent-child issue’, but I was made to think that ‘I see, there is such an idea’ in each opinion.

Also, from the last despair to the time you stand up, is it too early? This time you might think.

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To be honest, I could have written a period of despair for a while, but I read ‘Dare Royal’s Letter’ and decided to do this. If you have never read it, please read it.

And let me apologize. I couldn’t reply to everyone this time because of the amount of impressions I had.

I’ll do my best to stay up all night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend, so please update it first this time.

I’m sorry.

And, it was a short time until today, but thank you for reading. Thank you for the next story.