Is it true if Q is true?

Is it true if Q is true?

This kind of person probably was very determined on the path she had decided on.

If it was some external factors that made her fail, that might not be sufficient to extinguish her passion; it might only make her choose to try again.

This is a sticky situation…

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Pei Qian thought for a long time. Suddenly, a stroke of inspiration struck him. It seemed… the garbage Shang Yang Games that he had bought-over could finally be of use?

To date, Shang Yang Games basically still maintained its original state pre-takeover. Furthermore, based on its current operating situation, it was still making losses.

To make Lin Wan in charge of a sure-fail game project… once the game really failed, she naturally would start to doubt her own abilities as well as the entire game industry. At that time, Boss Pei could happily continue to spend money while Lin Wan would head back to inherit her family wealth; wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds?

Pei Qian felt that this was a good idea.

Indeed, many things could be planned out and decided on by accident!

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I could still recall the scene across the glass screen on that day as if it had occurred only yesterday.

My father took me to a facility located deep within the mountains, its exterior dyed a pure white. No, it wasn’t only the exterior.

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As far as I could remember, both the corridors and the small rooms we went through were all painted in one single white color.

I placed both my hands on the transparent glass, doing my very best to see what lied beyond. The screen seemed to be some sort of one-way mirror so they couldn’t see us from the other side.

“What is it, Arisu? It’s rare to see you this interested in something.”

“This is an experiment attempting to artificially create a genius. There’s no way I wouldn’t find it interesting.”