Simple operation online

Simple operation online

Boss Pei was regarded as the ‘God of Games’ and had a good reputation. Now, IOI’s mobile game was in a full-on collision with Boss Pei’s new game. If something were to happen and they pursued the matter, wouldn’t he be in deep trouble?

Eric smiled and did not take the phone from Zhao Xuming. “I thought it was something serious.”

“I already know about the situation in ‘Fitness Battle’. I did not ask you to change the schedule deliberately.”

Zhao Xuming was stunned. “Huh?”

Eric continued, “Are you scared out of your wits by Boss Pei? In your words, what is it? Once bitten, twice shy?”

“It’s true that Boss Pei is called the ‘God of Games’, but if we delay our game for a month every time Boss Pei produces a game. Our game would never be released if Boss Pei produces twelve new games a year, isn’t it?”

Zhao Xuming was speechless.

“Twelve new games a month” sounded unlikely, but nothing was ever certain when it came to Boss Pei.

That was because Boss Pei’s Tengda Corporation did not only have one project team.

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Apart from Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games, it was said that Boss Pei was planning for more gaming workshops through direct or indirect investment control.

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Some time ago, there were rumors that Tengda Corporation and Shenhua Corporation had spent a huge sum of money to establish a ‘Slow Movement Studio’. It was obvious that Boss Pei would be producing games at a faster pace in the future even though they did not know the exact situation.

If Boss Pei created six studios and produced two new games per year, wouldn’t there be new games every month for the next twelve months?

Thus, Eric’s words made sense. If he was so afraid that he had to hide every time Boss Pei made a new game, IOI’s mobile games would never be released.

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Eric continued, “Boss Pei might have designed ‘Fitness Battle’ but it is a casual game after all. What’s more, it was developed by Shang Yang Games. There was not much publicity previously...”

He briefly explained his previous analysis and told Zhao Xuming that the collision with the Fitness Combat was completely within his own plan. He wanted to pinch this soft persimmon hard.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he have to crash into GOG’s mobile game instead of Fitness Battle?

“All in all, Fitness Battle is only a casual game even if Boss Pei designed it. I have confidence in IOI mobile games. GOG’s mobile games are not mature yet, but it is a good opportunity to play casual games.”

“As long as we succeed, we can make a big deal out of this.”

“Right now, ‘Fitness Battle’ is ranked at the top of the new best-seller list because it has been released one day earlier than us. Our game has only been up for an hour and it has already reached second place. It won’t be a problem to surpass it in a few hours.”