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Yes, it could be something I did wrongly.

Interactive movie games like this had many side options after all. Struggle was the same.

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He An looked at the plot lines in the game. It was as dense as a big net with many branches. Generally speaking, every version should have at least three to four endings to be worthy of the size of this game.

Moreover, there should be hidden endings and Easter eggs if he bought the poor and rich versions together.

Therefore, He An decided to play all the routes after his meal. He should be able to obtain a good ending then.

Such a feeling was like a table of dishes that had both delicious and disgusting tastes. If someone ate something disgusting, they would take a bite of something delicious to press it down. Otherwise, the disgusting taste would linger.

“I cannot say that Boss Pei’s skills are quite deep. No matter whether the direction was right or not, the foundation is still there.

“I originally thought that the realism theme would be boring to play, but it did not feel that way. Even though they were both bad ends, but the content was still rather moving.

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“I will be able to analyze the personal opinions that Boss Pei had in this game after I finish all the endings.”

He An found a rare excitement and anticipation that he usually did not experience with domestically-produced standalone games. He could not wait to finish his food and continue to play the other endings of the game after the meal.

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September 4th, Sunday, noon...

He An sat in front of his computer, lit up a smoke, and thought about life silently. He had been trying all sorts of routes tirelessly from last night.

He gave the protagonist of the rich version different hobbies when he was young, chose different girls to marry when he was an adult, and chose different careers when he grew up.

He gave the protagonist different courses when he was young and tried to plan carefully, save money, and find better jobs when he grew up...

Yet, no matter how hard he worked, how many routes and sub-routes he cleared; the two endings did not change one bit!

No matter what the rich man did, he would be killed at the signing ceremony.

No matter what the poor man did, he would always enter into the vicious cycle of poverty.