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<Next Settlement: 150 days later.>

<System Funds will be topped up. Target amount: 10,000,000>

<Topping up 4,060,000…>

<System Funds topping up completed.>

<System Funds: 10,000,000+840,000>

<Fixed Assets: A semi-commercial villa at Ming Yun Villas (8,460,000)>

<Personal Wealth: 1,830,000>

<The system will be upgraded before the next cycle starts. Owner, please seriously read the explanation of the upgrade.>

Indeed, this was a responsible system.

Pei Qian began to read the so-called “explanation of the upgrade’.

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<The System can upgrade Tengda Corporation’s assets, the System Funds, the owner’s Personal Wealth, and so on to version 2.0.>

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<The Matthew effect will adjust the original Profit Loss Conversion Ratios.>

<Profit Conversion Ratio was at 100:1. Loss Conversion Ratio was at 1:1>

<After adjustment, Profit Conversion Ratio is at 1000:1. Loss Conversion Ratio is at 10:1>

<In order to compensate the owner, Version 2.0 of the System would give the owner the following benefits:>