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“I don't think we should worry about that. We have already decided to cooperate with each other. I'm just waiting for Housen's approval”

She says she's fit to move if freshman D class agrees to join.

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“It is not a bad idea, but there is no guarantee that you will win with it. After all, even

if you use the same strategy, the scenario will be the same. The difference in experience, the result of losing the freshmen is unshakable. "

While he seemed to listen to the conversation on the sidelines, Housen developed Tsubaki's plan in his mind. And although the probability of a first-year bailout increases, it can be concluded that the handicap cannot be eliminated.

"So is. At this rate, we may not be able to reduce the first year's sacrifice to zero. ”

"That's not what you were saying. Didn't you think we were going to get all the first years out?"

“If all grades use the same strategy, freshmen will be at a disadvantage. That's what Housen-kun read. So why don't we withdraw some groups before the end of the last day? "

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This is where Tsubaki's true nature and her goals come to light.

"There are still a couple of people in the upper class who are working alone, so we have to sink them."

"'I see, if five individual groups fall, surely we can save the whole year."

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“I thought that the moment to make a move was when everyone started to get tired. We originally planned to do it between the eighth and the tenth day of the second half of the test, but something happened that we did not expect. ”

The fact that Housen didn't show up on the sixth day. The fact that almost the entire seventh day was destroyed by bad weather and he had to regain his strength. That thought immediately crossed Housen's mind

"And good? Be specific about what you want me to do for you. "

“The organizers of this test have made a proposal. They said they wouldn't mind bringing you down with an act of violence. Housen-kun, you are planning to forcibly defeat Ayanokouji-senpai, right? "

"Well, it's the only way."

That's what Housen replied, but his true intentions were different. He can find other strategies, but when it comes to crushing Ayanokouji, he decides to do it directly with his own hands.

"But it is difficult to keep Ayanokoji-senpai, who is always on the move in a solitary way. Until now, Housen-kun has not been able to fulfill that opportunity. But it is different if there is a wide siege network. Tsubaki mentioned that she would take on that role.