Will the online flower shop make money?

Will the online flower shop make money?

When a company has failed, when it has been wound up, and thedefrauded stockholders have received two or three per cent in allon their original investment, there is a prevailing idea that thecertificates of its stocks are no longer good for any thing, exceptto light the fire. That's a mistake. Long after the company hasfoundered, its shares float, like the shattered debris which thesea casts upon the beach months after the ship has been wrecked.

These shares M. Latterman collects, and carefully stores away; andupon the shelves of his office you may see numberless shares andbonds of those numerous companies which have absorbed, in the pasttwenty years, according to some statistics, twelve hundred millions,and, according to others, two thousand millions, of the publicfortune.

Say but a word, and his clerks will offer you some "Franco-AmericanCompany," some "Steam Navigation Company of Marseilles," some "Coaland Metal Company of the Asturias," some " TranscontinentalMemphis and El Paso" (of the United States), some "Caumart SlateWorks," and hundreds of others, which, for the general public, haveno value, save that of old paper, that is from three to five centsa pound. And yet speculators are found who buy and sell theserags.

In an obscure corner of the bourse may be seen a miscellaneouspopulation of old men with pointed beards, and overdressed youngmen, who deal in every thing salable, and other things besides.

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There are found foreign merchants, who will offer you stocks ofmerchandise, goods from auction, good claims to recover, and whoat last will take out of their pockets an opera-glass, a Genevawatch (smuggled in), a revolver, or a bottle of patenthair-restorer.

Such is the market to which drift those shares which were onceissued to represent millions, and which now represent nothing buta palpable proof of the audacity of swindlers, and the credulityof their dupes. And there are actually buyers for these shares,and they go up or down, according to the ordinary laws of supplyand demand; for there is a demand for them, and here comes in theusefulness of M. Latterman's business.

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Does a tradesman, on the eve of declaring himself bankrupt, wishto defraud his creditors of a part of his assets, to concealexcessive expenses, or cover up some embezzlement, at once he goesto the Rue Joquelet, procures a select assortment of " CantonalCredit," "Rossdorif Mines," or "Maumusson Salt Works," and putsthem carefully away in his safe.

And, when the receiver arrives,"There are my assets," he says. "I have there some twenty, fifty,or a hundred thousand francs of stocks, the whole of which is notworth five francs to-day; but it isn't my fault. I thought it agood investment; and I didn't sell, because I always thought theprice would come up again."And he gets his discharge, because it would really be too cruel topunish a man because he has made unfortunate investments.

Better than any one, M. Latterman knows for what purpose arepurchased the valueless securities which he sells; and he actuallyadvises his customers which to take in preference, in order thattheir purchase at the time of their issue may appear more natural,and more likely. Nevertheless, he claims to be a perfectly honestman, and declares that he is no more responsible for the swindlesthat are committed by means of his stocks than a gunsmith for amurder committed with a gun that he has sold.

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"But he will surely be able to tell us all about the Mutual Credit,"repeated Maxence to M. de Traggers.

Four o'clock struck when the carriage stopped in the Rue Joquelet.

The bourse had just closed; and a few groups were still standing inthe square, or along the railings.

"I hope we shall find this Latterman at home," said Maxence.

They started up the stairs (for it is up on the second floor thatthis worthy operator has his offices) ; and, having inquired,"M. Latterman is engaged with a customer," answered a clerk.