Which part of the network is profitable online

Which part of the network is profitable online

He could very clearly see that He An looked different today than in the previous two lessons. In the previous two lessons, He An had been speaking as an observer. He had been carefully analyzing successful cases and interpreting successful elements as a professional.

However, today’s He An seemed to have a glow that only belonged to preachers who cleared confusion by giving moral and practical instruction. He reminded Pei Qian of old gentlemen who worried about their countries and people. Pei Qian wondered if he was just seeing things. After organizing his thoughts, He An said, “First, I want to talk about The Landlord Game.

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“Actually, the game’s gameplay did not come from me alone. The inspiration came from a board game I played during my enlightenment years. The origins of the game can be traced back to an American political economist named Henry...” Pei Qian had a vague impression of this story, but everything he knew was in a mess, and he did not really understand it. Now, hearing He An’s narration, things were gradually becoming clearer. This political economist named Henry was born in poverty. He worked as a sailor, a miner of gold, and a printer. Throughout his work, he came into contact with countless people who were even poorer and of a lower class than

In the mid-nineteenth century, the United States developed at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. However, that also caused an unprecedented widening of the gap between the society’s rich and poor.

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Henry realized that the accumulation of limitless wealth had not been improving the lives of the poor. Instead, it had only been widening the gap between themselves and the rich.

The income of the top one-percent of society had surpassed the sum of the bottom fifty percent of society’s income.

Thus, Henry began thinking about the reason behind this massive inequality. In the end, he completed an entire thesis entitled ‘Progress and Poverty’, which exposed the root cause of all of it—the United States’ land privatization system.

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In the early twentieth century, a female journalist named Elizabeth inherited Henry’s theories and decided to create a board game to test them. After a lot of development, the board game’s rules were finally perfected. That was the prototype of He An’s game, The Landlord Game.

He An sipped his coffee and continued speaking. “While I was working to produce The Landlord Game on the computer, I wanted to make it more interesting. That was why I added a lot of fascinating game play.

“For example, I added a variety of props and cards, increased the number of special events, established a perfect stock system, incorporated character voices, created a lottery mechanism, and so on. I also added different maps and polished the style of the game... “All of those designs served to make the game more interesting and cause gamers to love it more. “Obviously, that game contains smuggled goods-my agreement with Henry’s theories.

“Many people have tried analyzing my game, looking for elements that were confirmed by reality. For example, the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer; buying land emphasizes one’s first-mover advantage; location is king; insider information is important when dabbling in the stock market; paying attention to surrounding events is important when making investments; the essence of war is the redistribution of resources; people who do not have starting capital cannot enter the market...

“I had thought about most of those when I started designing the game. I only had a vague understanding of some during the designing process. However, I had absolutely no clue of an extremely small number of those things when I was developing the game. It was only when I was trying to perfect the rules that they took shape.

“Obviously, I had stuffed a lot of smuggled goods in that game. However, that game did not cause any gamers any disgust. Instead, it resonated with many people. That is one example of a successful plan. “In general, there are three principles to follow when trying to smuggle goods: “First, convey positive value.