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“The GPL club is in an awkward position. We were fighting with all our might here, and in the end, the organizers of the league went to see someone else?”

“SHG: We are about to fight to the death, why did Your Majesty surrender first?”

Similar discussions were taking place in the live-stream and on the forums. Many of these comments were posted by the fake reviewers arranged by Long Yu Corporation. On the surface, they looked like they were teasing each other, but in fact, they had a motive.

Once the saying ‘Boss Pei did not watch the GPL but came to watch the IOI Qualification Competition’ spread, even if it was actually a form of ridicule, it would also subtly induce the bystanders.

This little episode passed very quickly, but the public opinion on the Internet gradually began to ferment.

The competition between the two teams began, and the audience was soon immersed in the intense competition.

These two teams were already at the top level in the country. It was very exciting for them to fight so well.

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FV Club still played strictly according to GOG’s gameplay as Pei Qian had requested. They still did not fit in with the usual play styles from the selection of players to the operations of the game.

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FV Club and the SUG had a very intensive match in the group match yesterday. The victory was partly due to luck.

Today’s opponent had obviously studied FV Club’s playstyles last night. They had made certain targets in the selection of players and tactics. Thus, FV Club was having a harder time.

However, even so, the FV Club had no intention of playing a regular lineup. Instead, they continued to follow their previous strategy.

Both sides had been fighting for five rounds. They had originally arranged for two matches to be played in the morning, but the match with FV ended at 11 PM.

The assistant walked quickly to Zhao Xuming at the backstage of the recording studio.

“Boss Zhao! Everything has been arranged according to your instructions.”

“We have already prepared a few manuscripts. The contents include the relationship between Tengda Corporation and FV Club, Boss Pei’s presence at the scene, and so on. We will spread this news in the afternoon, buy hot searches, and hype it up. We will definitely be able to generate considerable popularity on the internet!”

Zhao Xuming nodded in satisfaction. “Yes, very good!”

He watched FV Club’s competition in the morning the entire time. They were in a deadlock with the second team in Group A. It was not an easy win.

From yesterday’s group competition, Group A’s first and second place did not seem to have much pressure. They took things in their stride.

This meant that even if the FV Club managed to win painstakingly and obtained a spot in the international competition, they would definitely not be able to beat Group A’s number one team. They would not be able to get the first seed.