Is it a circle?

Is it a circle?

I’ve always wanted to hear those words.

Three months ago, I wanted those words so badly that I could scratch my throat.

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However, the words that Sadiz said then were too heartbreaking.

But…… But……


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I finally heard it.

She said I got stronger.

It’s not because I’m the son of a hero.

It didn’t matter about the Demon King’s technique.

I gritted my teeth, trained, learned, and finally grabbed the glory with the skills I had acquired.

But those words just genuinely seeped into my whole body.

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Yes. Right now, I won’t talk to Sadiz about what happened or what’s to come.

Now, only for this moment, I just forgot about it all, and accepted the blessing with open arms.

And just like back then, and this time in public…

“…… ugh… ah! Uo, ah … uh… Uuuuuuuh!!”

But these tears were completely different from that time.

“Let’s all go too, not just Ms. Sadiz!”

“Hey, Earth! You did it! Oh, man, are you crying?”