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“…Crap, he’s so awesome to the point that I’m falling for him.”

He’s an entirely different character than Amano-kun. He’s not a personality-lacking protagonist born from normality, I guess he is born with a distinctive presence. From this perspective, I think…

“I guess he’s the boy version of Karen Tendou, right?”

He’s not as impactful as the blonde Karen Tendou, after all. Boys like him shouldn’t be idolized in the school, but I guess many girls will fall for him, at least I am right now…

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Just when I’m lost in thoughts, I realized that they are heading towards here. Those two guys didn’t even look at the new release area for some reason. Instead, they walked straight into the store, into the gal game area where I’m standing.

“Oh, crap!”

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I hastily left the area. I walked softly and quickly so that those boys don’t see me. Finally, I got to the RPG zone, where I saw them stopped at the gal game area.

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I observed them from the gaps between the shelves while pressing my chest, feeling relieved.

“They are from another school, and I’m in disguise. Well, I feel like I shouldn’t take my time and pick my favorite gal game in front of them…”

So, I just stared at them for a while.

I can see their backs as they started chatting in front of the gal game area.

“So, Amano-kun, I wanted to hear your recommendations…”

I am here because I wanted to hear recommendations, so I can’t help but raise my ears as I took a step forward. The guy that looks like a cowardly protagonist gave a weak smile upon facing the question from the cute one.

“H-How should I put it? I’m feeling quite embarrassed when you are seriously asking me a recommendation for gal games…”

“I know how you feel bro, but can you speed up here?”

I’m getting irritated as I grew impatient. Although I’m just releasing my anger on that guy, there’s a reason for me to feel depressed and restless at the same time.

The handsome guy called Mizumi-kun seems to share my feelings. He smiled bitterly.

“I’m not going to tease you. I was the one who asked for recommendations, why would I complain about your taste?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t suspecting you, and I don’t think I have an unusual taste. It’s just that I have never recommended a gal game to my friends, so I’m still not used to it.”