Is it true online? Many students are doing.

Is it true online? Many students are doing.

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“She does look like the princess on the surface. Yet, she doesn’t feel like she needs to be saved.”

“Ah, instead, she’s full of a hero’s talents?”

“Right. Well, even though it’s not all good.”

“Although she’s a hero, Tendou’s your usual cliché and traditional protagonist. Her mindset only consists of yes or no. Also, she’s absolute justice.”

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“…Aren’t you praising her?”

“Masaya, do you want a cliché hero to be your friend?”


Masaya looked into the distance. I continued.

“More importantly, …this hero’s actions are directly influenced by Villager D.”

“The hero’s being messed like a monkey by the villager.”

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“Heroes can only wait for other people’s instructions, after all.”

“A complete victory for Villager D.”

Masaya continued the question with a baffled look.

“Karen Tendou has no complaints at all?”

I can’t help but smile bitterly at Masaya’s question.

“At least she really enjoys being tortured in RPGs.”