The best walking online

The best walking online

In the past, it was the poorest event for me, but now that I have trained for over a billion years, this event might be my forte.

The moment when my breath was in order and my mind reached the nil state – I drew out the sword in one breath.

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It’s the fastest slash I can unleash now.

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Leia-sensei, who saw my Iai Slash from right beside me, was in wonder.

The slash just now, even I think it was really good.

And the result is…


For some reason, the measurer didn’t tell me the result.

「E-Excuse me, how many second was it?」

As I asked so conservatively,


He looked at me with a surprised look.

「Eh, no, err… I mean, I would like to know how many seconds it was…?」

「I’m also curious as to how many seconds the record is. I would be happy if you could tell us without delay.」

Leia-sensei also asked in addition to my own question.

As she did,