Is the online drifting bottle make a task? Is it true?

Is the online drifting bottle make a task? Is it true?


A sharp bone fragment, which protruded out of one of the bone dragons, cut my shoulder shallowly.

「Fuha! That’s a nice expression, Allen-Rodore…!」

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Raise-san curled the corners of his lips and expressed a crooked smile while holding back my sword firmly.

「…I see, so you intend to seal my techniques by engaging me at super-close combat.」

If the distance was closed to this point, it is not possible to unleash techniques freely – neither Flying Shadow, Hazy Moon, World Judgement, nor Yatagarasu.

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(The same goes for Raise-san, but… he has〈Three Skeletons〉…)

Thanks to the remotely-controlled soul dress, he can one-sidedly release powerful attacks.

「Fuha, that’s right! Ever since the day I lost to you, I’ve been training in super close combat! It’s all just to kill you!」

He declared so with a triumphant look.

(To seal the opponent’s swordsmanship in super close combat, huh. It’s easier said than done…)

For most swordsmen, this is a tactic that is almost impossible.

This is made possible by Raise-san’s quick reaction speed and excellent swordsmanship.

(As expected, he is an elite who enrolled into Thousand Blade Academy with his true strength…)