Earn money during the epidemic

Earn money during the epidemic

He knew these words, but he had no idea what they meant when they were connected...

Heavy industry movie?

Heavy Industry games?

That’s not right. I only arranged for more funds for this project when it was being developed. I haven’t changed its development method.

Previously, Repent and be Saved and Struggle were doing well. Why was it that only Mission and Choice had a new possibility?

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Pei Qian scratched his head in confusion.

However, he also wanted to know what tricks Qiao Liang could come up with. Thus, he continued watching.

“Why is’ heavy industrialization’ so important?”

“That’s because this is relative to ‘small-scale production’.”

“The so-called ‘small-scale production’ means that the creation of artistic works does not have a system and development. Whether it is a movie or a game, its success or failure depends on the ability of the director and producer. This means that the creation of artistic works is extremely risky.”

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“If you make the right bet, everyone will be happy; if you make the wrong bet, you will lose everything.”

“In other words, this’ small-scale factory production ‘is extremely uncertain.”

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“There are many 3A games overseas that are ‘annual product’ games. They can produce 3A games steadily under the same series of works. What’s more, the quality can basically be guaranteed. With a fixed group of players, the risks that developers take would be greatly reduced.”

“On the other hand, domestic standalone game producers do not have any similar ‘annual product’ games. They often rely on inspiration and ideas to take on extremely high risks.”

“This heavy industrialization production model is to standardize the processes of various fields and nurture talents of various specializations. That way, the level of artistic works would not fluctuate too much according to the designer’s’ ideas’. It would remain at a higher level.”

“That way, the development of the entire industry would be healthy, orderly, and stable.”