What is going on online promotion?

What is going on online promotion?

“Well, fundamentally speaking, one has to care of their own class by themselves. Isn’t that right?”

“…Yeah. I might have been too childish.”

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Kanzaki bowed his head to me, as if he was regretting his actions.

“I was going to come up with a solution on my own. But I thought there was a way to fix the problem without doing that, that there was an easy way out, so I tried to take it.”

Kanzaki walked back to his dormitory after saying that.

As he was running out of options, he must’ve become desperate. But, as they say, a cornered rat can even bite the cat.

In the next special exam, Kanzaki will also stand in our way as a formidable opponent.

Translation: botman

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I arrived at the cafe at Keyaki mall a little ahead of the appointed time. As I was paying for my drink at the counter, two guys who wouldn’t usually be together came up to me.

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One of them was Ryuuen, who had called me, and the other one was…

“You said there was someone else, were you talking about Ayanokouji?”

Kohei Katsuragi of Class 2-A looked at me with a stiff expression.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they were like oil and water, but the two men in front of me were definitely not on great terms with each other.

“What kind of meeting is this supposed to be, anyway?”