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「Don’t think you’ll get away easy after making a fool out of me…!」

He swung his sword two to three times, and thrust it out at me – perhaps to intimidate.

(…Well, I can’t overlook it this time)

I looked him in the eye firmly and told him.

「The sword is not a tool for threatening. Are you… really sure about this?」

I confirmed with him.

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I firmly confirmed the meaning of the act of a swordsman pulling out the sword.

Perhaps due to the sake, Dread-san fell back two steps.

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(!? Is this Allen’s bloodlust…?!)

(So heavy, and so painful…?!)

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「S-Sorry… My bad, I was a little too drunk… I’ve snapped out of it now… As you can see, please forgive me…」

He immediately sheathed his sword, and bowed deeply.

「…Understood. Please be careful of drinking too much.」

I accepted his apology.

Everyone makes mistakes.

I’ve made countless mistakes so far, and most of all, there’s no harm done here. Only my body and clothes smell of sake.