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“I don’t know, Airi is essentially helpless, but I can’t leave her alone. Kind of like a best friend or little sister?”

A statement that was unthinkable when we first met. And that’s not something limited to just Haruka.

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It’s the same for Keisei, and, even if there were no major changes, it’s also the same for Akito.

After that, I took turns playing in the pool with my group of friends, enjoying myself to the fullest.

After playing two-on-two water volleyball, we were now in the middle of first to five points, one-on-one matches. First up was a battle between Keisiei and Airi, which Keisei won 5-2. Then me and Akito fought, and Akito won by 5 points to 3. Airi, who lacked physical strength, was sat down by the side of the pool to rest, probably tired from just the one match she played. Seeing this, I called out to her.

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“You look like you’re having a great time.”

“Ah, Kiyotaka-kun. Yeah, it’s really fun. Though I wasn’t much of an opponent at all…”

For some reason she tried to stand up, so I stopped her and decided to sit down beside her instead.

“To be honest I’m still surprised. That you had the courage to do something like this, Airi.”

“That’s…yeah. I thought I’d take the plunge…Though I’m still really embarrassed about it.”

“Why did you decide to be brave?”

She can’t have decided to do something like this on a whim.

“During the uninhabited island exam we were always with our group for 24 hours every day, right? So Haruka-chan and I spoke about all sorts of things. About when we were little, about middle school. And then after coming to this school, about how we started getting along.”

If you’re together for long periods of time, small talk just wasn’t going to cut it. With that being the case, it’s no wonder that they delved into the deeper stuff. Probably because of the intense time they spent together, the two of them must have come to understand each other like they’d been best friends from way back.