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What is the online chicken making money?

He opened the gaming platform and saw that everything was normal at first glance.

There were also various recommendation spots on the front page of the platform and into different areas according to the game type and equipment. The content was not much and could not be compared to the hundreds or thousands of game platforms. However, it looked quite neat.

Yan Qi opened the action game column out of habit.

After all, he was in charge of action games. He wanted to see if there were any competitions with his own games on the platform.

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However, when he clicked on it, he realized that his own game, Blade of the Empire was there!

“Huh? That’s not right. Isn’t our game still being modified?”

“Why are they already on the gaming platform?”

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Yan Qi quickly opened the game’s details page.

There was a summary, information, and promotional pictures of the game on the details page. These had been given to Dawn Games previously, so it was not surprising that they appeared on the platform.

The original downloadable game / Initial game buttons were not usable. There was a special notification column that showed the current number of bugs in the game ‘Blade of the Empire’!

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This number seemed to be directly captured from the game’s testing platform.

Yan Qi asked the testing team leader, “Eh, did Dawn Games ask us for the data interface in the testing platform?”

The testing team leader nodded. “That’s right. We gave it to them after signing the contract. After all, they have to know about our bug repair in real-time.”

Yan Qi opened other games and found that most of the games were also modifying the state of bugs. The only difference was the number of bugs.

Occasionally, there would even be changes in the number of bugs, which meant that this company was working overtime. After repairing a bug and submitting it, the testing team would verify that there were no problems and complete the modifications. This bug would be eliminated. Thus, the number of back-end bugs would also be fixed, reflecting on the game platform in real-time.