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“Haa~, ze, hah...”

『All right, the magic is spent.』

“...... Osu...”

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In the past few days, it wasn’t just the draining of water from my body that was tough.

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When training, Tre’ainar’s instruction was to train with “zero magical power”.

『Is it difficult?』

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“No, not at all. It’s just, my clothes are soaked with sweat.”

『Fuhahaha, is that so? The fact that you perspire means we can still squeeze out more. Go! Daaaaaaash!!』

“...... right...”

When your magic power drops to zero, you suddenly feel a sense of fatigue in your body.

As soon as I run, I’m short of breath and exhausted.

Especially when I’m slowly losing strength due to the draining process, and then there’s this Magical Zero-Start Training.

Still, it’s been a few days.

Only a few days.

But it’s intense.