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No matter how much you try to avoid being seen, it was impossible to perfectly escape the eyes of every third year on this cruise ship. It wouldn’t be surprising if several people had seen me on my way here.

However, there was no sign that Nagumo would make contact during these past few days.

As if he had planned it, he made contact at a time when I wanted to avoid it the most.

“Good day, Student Council President Nagumo.”

The flow was cut off at once, and Ichinose rushed back into normal mode.

It wasn’t like she’d completely swept away her agitation and bewilderment.

However, even if she had been perfectly mended, I didn’t think it would’ve mattered to the current Nagumo.

“It seemed like you met on the last day of the uninhabited island exam, but are the two of you having another sneaky clandestine meeting?”


Suddenly having recalled the incident on the uninhabited island, Ichinose was at a loss for words. For her, it was an incident where she accidentally confessed to me, and was not a simple thing to cover up.

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I was about to interject, but Nagumo stopped me with his hand.

I was now under strong pressure not to interrupt.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter what it is. It’s just───if Honami, a fellow student council member, might be brought to tears, as the Student Council President, I can’t just leave her alone, can I?"

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As I thought, it was like that.

I had already guessed this since the moment I fully understood that Kiriyama had joined Nagumo’s side.

As Nagumo approached us, he stood next to Ichinose.