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Although all the scenarios within the game occurred in the base, it was designed like a maze.

Some doors were blocked and inaccessible, some required access cards, and some needed to be torn down using special items.

While the game progressed, their enemies would increase in strength and variety.

What’s worse was that the protagonist’s mental state would gradually deteriorate. The screen would suddenly turn blurry and then restore to its original state some time after. The protagonist’s hand would tremble, and he wouldn’t be able to aim properly. His movement would become slow, and he may not even be able to walk in a straight line.

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Finally, Chen Sha faced his first miniboss.

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The first boss was a strong mutated zombie. It was larger than other zombies and had a much longer health bar.

However, since that was only the first miniboss, Chen Sha managed to defeat it using various weapons that he had collected previously.

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Afterward, the protagonist fell on the floor from fatigue. His vision gradually turned blurry.

He had exhausted all his energy, and the virus that he had contracted was starting to make him lose consciousness.

In the end, the protagonist closed his eyes; and the screen turned black.

Li Shi walked out of Boss Pei’s house and took the lift down to the 11th story. Once he entered, Li Shi felt different. Although the configuration was still the same, it seemed to be extra meaningful now.

This was the exact same design as Boss Pei’s house!

Yes, Li Shi felt that the place looked exceptionally artistic all of a sudden! Just look at the huge television, the perfectly-positioned sofa, and the coffee table and two chairs by the balcony...

Everything was perfect!

It was a pity that he was lacking the black box on the coffee table, so that his set-up looked less complete than Boss Pei’s. Everything else was exactly the same.

Li Shi had not felt much for the place at first. All he thought was that it was empty. It was alright artistically, but it had not seemed that outstanding.