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The movements which didn’t allow us to perceive them even in the slightest.

They are sure to be a considerably skilled swordsman.

(Is it the Black Organization? Or the Demons? Or perhaps someone else entirely…?)

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I don’t know who, but they seem to be aiming for my life.

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(I have to brace myself a little.)

Needless to say, I can’t afford to die in this place.

I still have a lot of things I must accomplish.

I want to get a job with a stable salary like becoming a Holy Knight and provide a comfortable life for my mother.

I also want to ascertain how far this swordsmanship, which has been honed for over a billion years, can take me.

And one day in the future – I want to confess these feelings in my heart to Ria.

(In order to do that too, I must be more careful than ever.)

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As I was steeling myself for that,

「If they went out of their way to aim for Allen, they must surely have the “confidence to win”.」

「Logically thinking, that must be so, but… You can’t find a swordsman who can beat Allen that easily though…」

Ria and Rose were exchanging thoughts with a serious expression.

「Due to the lack of information, it’s difficult to estimate the enemy, but… No matter what kind of enemy they might be, Allen-kun will never lose… Right?」

The president said so, and tilted her head adorably.

There was a strong hint of faith in her eyes, and… It kinda made me feel shy.