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After sighing, I decided to spoil it all for him.

"Our confrontation here has been predetermined for a long time now. And also the fact that in a situation where neither of us would be able to tattle on the other, Ryuuen Kakeru would resort to violence to settle things".

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Ryuuen thinks that everything's that happened so far is the result of him meticulously planning ahead.

But that would be a huge mistake.

"If I never intended on having my identity revealed, then I wouldn't have used Manabe in the first place. It's clear as day that a search for the culprit would begin as soon as I made her a spy and had her send me the recorded footage. And just like a true dictator, you'd narrow it down to Manabe's group. And that's where you heard it from, right? That they were blackmailed after attacking Karuizawa and that they had no other choice".

So far, Ryuuen cannot deny a single thing. Naturally, of course.

"You confirmed that Karuizawa's connected to me. All that's left is how you choose to execute it. For that reason, you thought strangling us would be most effective. You had Ishizaki, Komiya and the others tail Class D and openly approached Kouenji so you could put the pressure on X. Well, I suppose you were genuinely enjoying yourself but you may have ended up giving me time to think".

"Kukuku. Now you're saying some interesting things. So you're saying you only made it look as though you were dancing in the palm of my hand?".

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"To be more precise, I made it look like I was dancing in the palm of your hand when in fact, you had been dancing in mine".

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"Then allow me to apologize, Ayanokouji. You really are a sharp one. The advantage I held until a while ago has vanished entirely and now I'm the one in a big pinch. What shall we do, Ibuki?".

After hearing the full story from me, Ryuuen still laughed happily even after seeing what I'm capabe of.

"What's the matter with you....both you and Ayanokouji......!".

As though hitting me with her frustrations, Ibuki sent a flying kick towards me.

She doesn't seem concerned with the fact that her underwear is visible.